What is The Most Important Feature for You on Your Next Windows Phone? [Site Poll]

As you might know, the circle of bloggers who write about Windows Phone – or any mobile platform for that matter – is a small and generally tight knit group.  We often have discussions behind the scenes about rumors, products, apps and other things related to the Windows Phone platform.

One of the topics of discussion over the past couple of days has been around what we want/expect/need/desire in our next Phone.  Most of us are using first generation devices such as the Samsung Focus or LG Quantum and most of us are looking at the new devices (Samsung Focus S & Focus Flash, HTC Radar & Titan and the Nokia Lumia’s) trying to determine which one we will get next.  While a consensus if far from determined, I thought I would open the question up to you and see what is important to you as you look at your next Windows Phone.

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[Update] Big PC Clearance at the Microsoft Store – Up To $700 off plus Free Shipping


So the headline probably says it all.  There is a huge sale going on at the Microsoft Store.  There are a wide range of PCs available at up to $700 off in some cases.  All of the PCs come to you via free shipping and all are Microsoft Certified meaning they don’t come loaded down with a bunch of trialware.  Yep, good enough for me.

How good are the discounts?  The Lenovo G560 and G570 laptops are only $299.  Yes. Big. Savings.

To get the promotions you must use the link below.

PC Clearance is now live at the Microsoft Store! Deep discounts on top PCs! Act Fast!

[Update] – Microsoft has informed me that the quantity of laptops for sale has been reached so the offers are no longer valid.  If you didn’t get in on this one, don’t worry.  With Black Friday coming next week I’m confident there will be more sales.

SuperSite for Windows Reviews The Samsung Focus Flash

Earlier this week I posted a link to Paul Thurrott’s review of the Samsung Focus S on his site, SuperSite for Windows.  Now he has reviewed the new and lesser expensive new Windows Phone from Samsung, the Focus Flash.  The Focus Flash is smaller and slightly less powerful than the Focus S but it has a fantastic price point at just $49.95 with a new 2-year contract.

I won’t steal any of his thunder but Paul points out that this Windows Phone isn’t for everyone, especially those who need a little more storage or a little more screen real estate.  But if price is a major consideration, you have to take a hard look at the Focus Flash.

Read Paul’s full review

Windows Phone Daily Posts Teaser Shots of The Upcoming Update to 4th & Mayor

Windows Phone Daily has posted some teaser screenshots of the upcoming v3.0 update to 4th & Mayor, the Foursquare app alternative for the platform.  According to the article, the new version was submitted to Microsoft on Sunday which means we could likely see this update this week in Marketplace.

The article states…

With many users clamoring for a Mango-compatible version Jeff Wilcox, the developer of the app and Microsoft’s Development Lead on Windows Phone, has posted a few teasers for version 3.0 of the client.

Check out the screenshots over at at the site.  You can also follow the developer of 4th & Mayor, Jeff Wilcox, on Twitter.


ChevronWP7 Back Online to Developer Unlock Your Windows Phone

It has been about a week since the development team at ChevronWP7 stopped selling their unlocking tokens due to a bug that they discovered in their latest update.  As of this morning however things appear to be back to normal.

ChevronWP7 is a service that allows you to Developer Unlock (or as it is known in the Android world, “root”) your Windows Phone 7 device.  Why would you want to do this?  It allows you to “side load” applications outside of Marketplace to bring functionality or features to your phone which are not approved by Microsoft.  This is also a great tool for developers to try out their apps on a phone before submitting it to Microsoft for approval.

To Developer Unlock your Windows Phone, you will need a token from ChevronWP7 which is $9 per phone.  You will also need to sign up with your Windows Live account that you use on your Windows Phone and will need a PC to download and run the application required to actually unlock the device.

Is ChevronWP7 for everyone?  No, of course not.  If you are not comfortable with this process then stay away.  It is very much for advanced users.

Check out more information on the ChevronWP7 site.


[Updated] AT&T Updates myWireless App for Windows Phone

For those of you on AT&T Wireless, the Dallas-based carrier has released a major and much needed update to their myWireless app for Windows Phone.  I say it was much needed because frankly, the first release was so buggy and provided such little information when it did run that the app was useless.  That is not the case any longer.

The new 2.0 version brings significant stability to the app along with providing more granular information about your billing, minutes and data usage.  Plus you can pay your bill and review the features that you have set on your AT&T account.

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Pin Twitter Search Results to Your Start Screen

There are a lot of benefits to the Mango update for Windows Phone, one of which is the ability to pin all types of information to your Start screen.  While the app being used has to support this behavior, generally most apps that have been updated for Mango do, which gives you a lot of flexibility in getting information you need right in front of you.

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