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Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Hub is Under $35 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is for anyone who needs a HDMI port or USB-A port for their USB-C powered devices.  On most new Chromebooks, like the Google Pixelbook, you have just USB-C ports.  The same goes for the new MacBook Pro from Apple.  Sometimes you need a HDMI port to connect to a monitor or projector, or need to access that older USB flash drive.  That’s where the AUKEY USB-C Hub can come in handy.  Priced at $34.43, it gives you plenty of ports to work with to get your day done.

In all, the hub (model CB-C60 for those that are curious) gives you six ports and connects to your Chromebook or MacBook Pro via the connected USB-C cable that is just under 6″ (150mm) in length.  You have one USB-C port which works as a pass through for charging your device while you are using the Hub (up to 60W).  You have four USB-A ports that support USB 3.0, giving you up to 5GB of data transfer speed.  Finally, you have a 4K HDMI port to connect your Chromebook or MacBook Pro to an external monitor.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Braided Cable 5-Pack for $14.99

Today’s Deal is on a 5-pack of durable, USB-C braided cables from AUKEY.  The pack of cables consists of one 6.6′ cable, three 3.3″ cables and one 1′ cable.  All of the cables are USB-C to USB-A so they you can plug them into any standard USB port.  Today and the rest of this week, you can pick up this pack of cables for $14.99 when you use the coupon code AUKCM007.

The cables support USB 3.1 and have data transfer rates up to 5Gbps while safely charging your devices at up to 3A with a 56k ohm resistor.  That means that the cables are able to take on Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging or Qualcomm Quick Charge to charge your compatible devices quickly, efficently and safely.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY 27W USB-C Wall Charger for $17 with Coupon

Today’s Deal is great for those with a USB-C phone, tablet or laptop and you need an extra wall charger.  The AUKEY 27W USB-C wall charger is able to charge all of those devices quickly and efficiently while not compromising safety.  Normally this high powered charger is $25.99 but now through November 1st, you can pick one up for $17.93 on Amazon.

In order to get the discounted price, you will need to use the coupon code 4IPHONEX when you check out.

The AUKEY charger delivers up to 27W of energy, making it capable of charging most Chromebooks and MacBooks as well as phones and tablets.  It supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology and is backwards compatible with 2.0 devices.  It is a small, lightweight charger that has folding AC prongs so you can drop it into your backpack without it snagging on anything.

Today’s Deal – Choetech Nylon Braided USB-C Cable 3-Pack for $13

Today’s Deal comes from Choetech on their durable USB-C cables.  Right now you can pick up a 3-pack of the nylon braided cables for $12.99 on Amazon.  That’s a $7 savings off the regular price.

The 3-pack of cables includes two 1m (3.3′) cables and one 2m (6.6′) cable, all of which support up to 5Gbps transfer speeds and USB 3.0.  All of the cables are USB-A to USB-C and are, of course, backwards compatible to older USB 2.0 and 1.1 connectors (but you lose the transfer speeds).

Today’s Deal – Anker PowerLine USB-C Cable for $5.59

Today’s Deal over at Amazon is a quick, 4 hour sale on the Anker PowerLine USB-C cable.  The 3-foot USB-C to USB-A 3.0 cable is down to $5.59, down from it’s normal price of $11.99.  This price is good until the timer runs out or the designated number of cables are sold.

Anker makes some great accessories and I have no hesitation in recommending them.  Their cables are well designed and constructed so they will last a long time.  They are also backed by an 18-month warranty.

Review – Choetech USB-C Cable 6-Pack – Great Value and Performance

Like many of you, I have a lot of gadgets around my office that require charging.  It is logical, therefore, that I’m usually hunting around for a cable to charge said gadgets.  In my office, I’ve pretty much got it setup the way I want but when I go on the road, I have to take some of those cables with me.  Inevitably I forget one (or two) at home.  Or, worse, I have one break.  That’s where bundles of cables really become a great value for me personally and I suspect I’m not alone.

Choetech has been making accessories for Android and iPhones for several years now and recently they sent me their 6-Pack of USB-C to USB-A cables to review.  I accepted the review cables because, having reviewed several Choetech items here on the site, I suspected that they would be good quality, solid construction and great performers.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I tested all of the cables in the pack for this review and all of them did exactly as I would have expected.  Considering that you are getting 6 of these cables in the pack for $19.99, they are also  a good value.

Today’s Deal – SanDisk Ultra USB-C 64GB Flash Drive for $21

Today’s Deal is on an excellent flash drive for USB-C.  The SanDisk Ultra USB-C flash drive allows you to have external storage with super fast transfer speeds and storage up to 128GB.  Right now you can pick up the 64GB model for $20.99 on Amazon.  As the name suggests, this flash drive has the new USB-C connector, not the older USB-A connector you see on most flash drives.  This allows this to work with the latest lineup of Macs and Chromebooks easily.

Because this drive is leveraging USB-C, transfer speeds are impressive.  You get up to 150mb/s using this drive so moving files to and from this drive is fast and efficient.  That USB-C port is also protected by a sliding cover that is built into the chassis of the drive.

The SanDisk Ultra USB-C drive is offered in four different sizes to meet your needs.  Here are the prices and savings on this deal today.

At the time of this post, all sizes were in stock although quantities were limited on the 64GB model.  If you are an Amazon Prime customer, you get free shipping on these too.

Review – Choetech Current Voltage Monitor USB-C Cable

Like many readers, I travel a lot and often times I’m trying to charge my Nexus 6P at the airport.  More airports today have seats with USB ports on them so even if you can’t find an electrical outlet, you can still get charged up before or between flights.  The trick, however, is how much you use your phone while it is charging.  We all know that using your phone while it is charging increases the charging time.  But by how much?  Wouldn’t it be great to see how much your phone is consuming energy as you charge it?  Enter the Choetech Current Voltage Monitor cable.

The Current Voltage Monitor cable allows you to see how much voltage is running to your phone as it charges and equally, how many amps are being consumed by your phone to charge it.  Not only will you see how your usage is impacting the charging time, you will see if that USB port in that chair at the airport is only putting out 2-3v instead of 5v which also slows down charging time.  Recently the team at Choetech sent me one of these cables to review and its quite handy having this knowledge in the palm of your hand.  Here’s my review of this handy little accessory.

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