Pick Up Two Google Home for $229, a Savings of $29

Google Home

Google is making it easier for you to fill your home with, erm, Google Home.  Right now at the Google Store you can pick up two of the smart speakers with Google Assistant built in for $229.  That’s a savings of $29 if you bought them separately.  Having multiple Home devices is something that has been supported since its release and allows you to get access to Assistant in which ever room it happens to be in with you.  There are also commands built into Home that allow you to play music across multiple Home devices too.

Google Home certainly doesn’t have the number of commands that its primary competitor, the Amazon Echo, has today.  But that gap is closing and closing fast.  Google nearly every week is announcing new services, bots and commands that can be used with the device.

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Google To Restock The Really Blue Pixel Phones

For those of you who were really wanting one of the Really Blue Pixel phones, there is good news for you this morning.  Google has confirmed to Android Police that the limited color variant of both the Pixel and the Pixel XL will be restocked at some point in the future.  The question is when and how many will actually be available.  That part of the equation is not known but if you are really wanting to get your hands on a Really Blue Pixel, it is suggested that you use the Google Store’s waitlist function to get in line.

Google Pixel in Really Blue
Google Pixel in Really Blue

Functionally, as readers likely know, there is no difference in performance between the various color variants.  The Really Blue color however was immediately sought after as it was unique in this world of mostly black, silver (aluminum) and gold phones on the market.

If you want to join the waitlist for the phone, go to the Google Store and sign up to be notified on when it is back in stock.  Obviously there is no guarantee they will be there if you delay once you are notified.  These will go very, very fast (translation:  within minutes if not sooner).  If you want one, be prepared to pay the day they hit the store.

Good Luck!

Pre-Orders Now Open for Google Home

Google has begun accepting pre-orders for the new Google Home device.  The smart speaker-meets-smart home device is aimed at being the center of the home with Google Assistant being a voice command away.

Aimed at competing with the Amazon Echo, Google Home brings the power of Google Artificial Intelligence to give you detailed information about your day, upcoming events, search information, travel information and the like.   And it is for everyone in the family.  Like Google OnHub and Google Wi-Fi, Home is aimed at sitting out in the open and doesn’t look like a piece of techno-kit sitting on a shelf.

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Nexus 9 Removed From The Google Store

After a long run as the flagship tablet for Google, the Nexus 9 era has come to an end as far as the Mountain View company is concerned.  An update today to the Google Store has removed all references to the Nexus 9 and you can no longer order it directly from them.  That doesn’t mean however that you still can’t get your hands on one through Amazon.  The 9 debuted with Android Lollipop in 2014 and even though it will be upgraded to Android N, Google has shifted their tablet focus for now to the new flagship, the Pixel C.

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Google Store Birthday Sale On The Nexus Phones

This time last year, Google launched the stand alone Google Store, the place where you could get your Google hardware like Nexus phones and tablets along with Chromecasts and other Googlely goodies.  To celebrate the store’s first birthday, Google has dropped the price of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P by $50 on any color and configuration you want.  That means you can pick up the 5X for as low as $349 and the 6P for $499.  But funny enough, Amazon has an even better deal on these phones if you don’t mind certain colors.

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Google Store Offering Free Overnight Shipping

The Google Store has really stepped up in this final week before Christmas with a great bonus for those who are looking at picking up any hardware from the Google Play Store.  Now through December 22nd, you will get free overnight shipping on any purchase made from the store.  The good thing is, it is on everything in the store.  If you are looking to pick up some USB Type-C cables, cases or a new Nexus 6P or Pixel C, the free shipping applies.  That could save you some big bucks and assure you that you get that gift for that special someone in time for the holidays.

To get the free shipping all you need to do is make a purchase.  The free shipping is automatically applied and rest assured that if you are buying a gift for someone and they want to return it, they are accepted up to January 22, 2016.

But wait, there’s more!

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