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Buy a Google Pixel 2 XL and Get $150 in Store Credit Plus a Google Home Mini

Over the weekend, I posted about the great deal the Google Store is running on the Google Pixelbook.  Now it seems they have put together a great deal on the Google Pixel 2 XL phone too.  Right now at the store you can pick up the flagship Pixel device for regular price but you get $150 in store credit to use later plus a Google Home Mini.  All you have to do is add both the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Home Mini to your cart and the price will be discounted.

While we all know that the Google Pixel 3 lineup is going to be coming later this year, that is no reason not to give the Pixel 2 XL a serious look.  It will be updated to Android R when it is released and you still get free Google Photo storage for two years too.  Oh, and it is a seriously awesome phone.

Google Pixelbook Down to $749 at The Google Store

If you have been waiting to pick up the Google Pixelbook for yourself, now is the time for action.  Right now at the Google Store, you can pick up the entry level Pixelbook powered by the Intel i5 processor for $749.  That is a savings of $150 and represents the lowest price ever for the premium Chromebook.  As you may recall, this entry level model comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The discount only applies to the entry level Pixelbook and not the i5 with 256GB of storage or the i7 powered version at the Google Store.  To be fair though, having used that entry level model for almost all of 2018, it is more than powerful enough to do anything you would want or need from it.  If you haven’t read my review, you can read it here.

Original Google Pixel Lineup removed From The Google Store

It is a day that everyone knew was coming.  Today the Google Store stopped selling the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL.  Not only was it removed from the main store, but it was also removed from the phone options list for Project Fi, Google’s MVNO.

The 2016 Pixel phones were breakthrough devices in many ways, bringing a completely reimagined launcher, a stunningly good camera (rated the best at the time of its release) and, of course, all the pure Android goodness that Google intended.

Google Home and Home Mini Now Available in Italy

Earlier this week I posted about Google Assistant now supporting the Italian language.  The question, as I posed in that post, was if it was a prelude to the Italian Google Store seeing Google Home coming soon.  Now we know the answer is yes.

On the Google Store site in Italy, you can now purchase a Google Home or Google Home Mini.  Home is €149, about $183 while the Home Mini is €59 or about $72 US.  They are on sale now and both models are available.

Official Google Pixelbook Sleeve Now Available for an Eye Watering Price

Google has quietly posted the new, official Google Pixelbook sleeve on the Google Store site.  The fabric sleeve, which holds your Pixelbook and Pixelbook Pen, is an eye watering, hellishly expensive $100.  If you feel so compelled, you can order one at the Store.

The microfiber exterior sleeve has a microfiber lining and a magnetic closure too keep your Pixelbook and Pen safely tucked inside.  It comes in one color, Stone.

The Google Store is Now Selling a Google Home Mini Wall Mount by Incipio

The Google Home Mini has become one of Google’s most popular devices for a lot of reasons, price and size chiefly among them.  The donut sized device lends itself to be tucked away in any room to give you access to Google Assistant whenever you need it.  But for some rooms, having the Home Mini mounted on the wall makes more sense and frees up counter space in your bedroom or kitchen.

Incipio has been making a wall mount for the Google Home Mini almost since its release.  It’s been available directly from them on their site but it got a big boost this week with it now being available on the Google Store.  On either site, it is $14.99 and comes with everything you need to mount your Home Mini to a wall in your home.

Today’s Deal – Free Pixelbook Pen With the Purchase of Any Google Pixelbook

Today’s Deal is on the Google Pixelbook and lets you score a free Pixelbook Pen.  Now through February 1st, if you order a Pixelbook from Amazon or the Google Store, you will get a free Pixelbook Pen, a $99 value.  There is no special code required on either site.  On Amazon, visit the Google Pixelbook page, select the configuration you want and make sure you select the Pixelbook + Pixelbook Pen option.  It will be added to your cart at no charge.  At the Google Store, add the two to your cart and you will see a $99 credit applied to your cart at checkout.

The Pixelbook Pen allows you to access Google Assistant with a press of a button on it, so you can circle something on the screen and get information about it.  It also allows for digital writing and other editing features you would expect from a digital pen.

Google Assistant to be The Center of a Google Store Revamp

For the second time in less than six months, it looks like Google is going to be revamping the online Google Store.  A report from Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources within Google, suggests that the revamp will have Google Assistant front-and-center in the redesign where Google will sell their devices and those of sister Alphabet companies like Nest.

The move is in response to Amazon and their own digital assistant, Amazon Alexa.  Amazon had a two year start on Google when it came to personal AI-driven assistants, with Amazon still holding an estimated 68% market share with their Amazon Echo devices compared to the 25% for Google with Google Home.  The disparity has the Mountain View company worried and they are going all out to meet Amazon head on in the space.

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